"Strange" thing happend

Hey guys, would appreciate all opinions about this situation because I am very curious what is the problem exactly…
Before a month or two i was running an account on my home ip with 600-700 actions a day, made it to 4k followers and i stopped to bot it. I never had action blocks on it or PV’s it was even without phone number. Anyway yesterday i decided to start some actions on it again, but of course i decided to warm it up before i extend to atleaast 500 actions a day, it worked fine for around a day (100 actions) and i just found it disabled. Account was also made on my personal IP long long time ago (year or so). I changed the name right when i logged in, could that be an issue? I can’t explain it to myself what did i do wrong…

Thanks in advance for all answers!

maybe bad proxies and probably should have had it phone verified at least then they would have gave you a PV before disabling it

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Maybe i didn’t explain things properly, the account was running on my home ip and I never used proxies on it , i didn’t run any other accounts on my home ip except my personal account which i dont bot. Usually i always remove phone number after first PV on my another accounts (which i run on proxies) and i get EV’s instead of PV’s and not direct disables. Even if they did send me a PV would be strange because i ran very very safe settings (imo) only 100 actions a day…

Instagram has been doing that lately, just outright skipping PV’s and disabling an account until you appeal and hopefully get it reactivated. Which is really annoying, and I think that’s there goal. To make it as frustrating as possible to get you to stop doing “whatever you’re doing” that resulted in the account being disabled.

Not sure if there’s a specific trigger for the accounts that have this happen specifically, but based on my own fights with accounts getting this instead of a PV, it’s likely related to the “trust score” or standing of the account from previous actions over time.

Could be your home IP that caused it, the device ID, phone number, email address used or most likely the account itself.


Thank you for the great answer. Sounds like they became even more cruel, does it even worth it to try to recover the account?

Yeah the algorithm is pretty tricky these days. It can happen with any kind of ip without a reason. Take care about the content that you publish, maybe duplicated content + actions gave you the ban.

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Thank you for your answer. I am reposting content, but changing md5 hash and file names, maybe i’ll have to reconsider that too.

Reposting is a big trigger these days, so yeah, modification is good to keep an eye on. It’s worth recovering for sure. Unless you don’t want the account back.

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I wouldnt even care about md5. Google big query can analyze big batches of data in seconds. You need different pixels, different content. I would say md5 has no difference

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