Strange video on my wife's IG account

First of all, I am not an Instagram member, don’t use the service and don’t know much about it. But I do have a question.

A few days ago, while sitting next to my wife in a waiting room, she started showing me some photos on her IPhone from her Instagram account. One was from our son, the second one was from her neice, and then a third popped up…it was of a young, handsom man speaking in what looked like a video e-mail. Visually, it looked close to what Facetime looks like.

My wife quickly changed the image on her phone, and said “I don’t know who that was.”

I asked her about it later that night. Who was this guy? Who is sending you a personal video message on your phone?

For the record, my wife has cheated on me in the past, so one can understand my line of questioning, or I can hope you understand if you are reading this.

Her reply to me was one of disgust. She said, “you don’t understand how Instagram works.” She was upset that I could even suggest she might be conversing with another man on her phone.

She’s right. I don’t understand how Instagram works.

Could someone have posted a video on her Instagram account without her knowing who it was? Can one advertise on someone’s account with messages sandwiched between instagrams someone is getting from legitimate family members?

I could use some help here. Is my wife up to no good or should I relax? Thanks.

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That sounds a bit fishy to me, either she had to post it or was a glitch. If her profile is public you can browse on your phone or pc and look for yourself. All sounds a bit on the strange side.


I agree. Doesn’t make a lot of sense that someone random would be on her profile. Try creating an undercover account so you can follow her and check out the video yourself, maybe it’s harmless :slight_smile: Good luck

looks like she was scrolling the feed of her Instagram, nothing weird, you can come across anything in the feed…

If you are not convinced then just unfollow her, block and report, and get better proxies. :joy::joy: Honestly, what this forum has become?

The “Days of Our IG” a new afternoon Bromance show. But yes scrolling through the feed sounds about right.

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If she was on the feed, then that’s completely normal. Everyone she follows will appear on her feed, and it does not mean that she is following the man who appeared.

Instagram offers ads, and you can make a video, pay Instagram, and they will put your video in between posts on the feed, and the post will have a small “sponsored” marking next to it.

doesn’t seem like the feed to me though


I was also confused, but considering the man said he doesn’t know how it works, it seems like he is from the older generation, so he could have mistaken it.

I think she just follows their son and her niece, so they popped up on the feed, and she got one of those video “vlog” ads.

Someone posting on her account makes no sense, so I think he’s just mistaken…

This all could have also happened in Direct messages. People can send videos there.

I think the key line here is:
My wife quickly changed the image on her phone, and said “I don’t know who that was."
If it was just and ad or a random vlog, there is no way she would react his way. Just my opinion but it is 100% percent suspicious to me. Sorry.

If these were DMs then there are other possibilities.

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First thing - why the hell would you be with someone who cheated on you in the past lol chances of it happening again are like 99%
second thing - it depends if she was just scrolling through feed or looking at her iphone image gallery. And yes, people can put ads between 2 pictures of people you follow - just like on facebook. But if you are talking about direct messages - no, there can’t be ads in your direct messages.