Strange YouTube account (possible bot) with millions of views

So basically I see this girl comment EVERYWHERE which is definitely done with a bot.

Guys obviously click because she’s good looking, videos are click bait. She has a fake name, no Instagram or anything just YouTube with these super short “sexy” videos.

What do you guys think is the end goal? To make money?

Is she part of some company or something? Surely she hasn’t programmed a comment bot herself which also upvotes her on each video.

Channel is:

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Social blade says she’s making money, so…

We don’t really have the same brain settings about “good looking”, but Hey it takes everything to make a world.

With a better content (and probably optimized strategy), could do way more than that.

What kind of comment does “she” post ?
“Come to my channel guys !” ?

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She posts something sort of relevant so she would go on a Joe Rogan podcast and write “Wow Joe was so right about that!” or something similar

Her videos suck and it’s kinda sad to see how many idiots are worshiping her

I wonder how many views if she was a man making normal videos like a podcast ?

What type of bot do you think she has?

Well, it’s just a question of traffic. If she’s spread enough traffic, she can rocket up. Anyone with a good content (even good/average) can rocket up with a +++traffic.

It can be any kind of automation, really.

Is there even automation that exists which upvotes comments as well as posts them?

Yes, automation can do whatever