Strangest IG Error ever - is there a solution?

I have an Instagram Login Error that I couldnt find a solution for yet. Im already going that far and serious with it, I would even offer money if someone could help me finding the solution.

I tried to buy an Instagram account using an escrow service (to get the username). The escrow service however messed something up so the account before going from the seller to me (the buyer) went in a kind of broken state. After the escrow service messed it up, they handled the account back to the seller, he wasnt able to really login anymore because the only option there written was Help Us Confirm You Own This Account with a blue “Get Help Logging In” Button. After pressing on that button it only leads to a troubleshooting page. Only options left to do while in that “logged in state” on the account are changing the password and logging out. Important to know: The account is active and NOT BANNED and is not linked to a Facebook account or phone number.
After him contacting Insta over the troubleshooting page because of that error and SUCCESSFULLY verifying his identity, he received an email starting with the following words: “Thanks for verifying your identity. You’re almost done recovering your account. To reset your password and gain access to your account: 1. Log out of any Instagram account you may be logged into on your computer, phone or tablet. 2. Once you’re completely logged out, click the following link: …”
The link only leads back to the Help Us Confirm You Own This Account with a blue “Get Help Logging In” Button page. So its basically stuck in that loop even after verifying the identity already multiple times. After contacting Insta on the report a problem option they just end up sending the password reset link again. When he tells Insta that it hasn’t worked, there is no reply.

Do you know possible solutions or someone that I could reach out to?
Thank you!

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How sure are you that he/she is not trying to f* with you?

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Personally, haven’t heard of this error before. The only times I’ve heard IG trying asking to verify identity is when applying for the blue check mark, or recovering an accounts for a business

I got this same message with one of my accounts got hacked. I could try to reset the password and could see it had a different email address attached to it.

He provided me many screenshots of the issue and the emails already and asked me for help so we can finalize the deal

This genuinely made me wish there was a ‘haha’ reaction to posts.

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Possibly it has something to do with the email adress the escrow service changed it to while making the deal. It was a kind of forward email idk, never saw such an email adress before.
But after I talked again to the escrow service and told them that we dont need them anymore for the deal because they messed it up, they gave him access to the email or i dont know but what I know is that he receives all those verification and password-resetting emails to his mail.
We both cant look into the account and see what email adress is there but its probably that forwarding email from the escrow service because if we cant change the email adress right now then the escrow service couldnt do it either before after giving the account back.
So what I think is they just changed in their email setting of that forward email adress the receiver email adress if you understand what I mean?

hahahah :joy::joy:

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Did you ever figure this out? Im dealing with the same issue

No, never. I gave up on this.