Strategy advice on account sources and landing page

I’ve read quite a bit on this forum and lets just assume I’m going for the “red balls” niche. Obviously need several accounts for that … lets just assume 50

I use top brand names/influencers and tags as sources and follow,like,comment their followers

My question is … do I use the same sources for all 50 accounts? or how do I variate? If I were to use the same then I would be more or less having the same followers on all 50 accounts. If I’m not using the same … then it wont be targetted. How do the veterans here avoid that?

Another thing is landing page domains vs web 2.0. Which should I start of with I’m trying to save some coin before earning.

Thanks in advance

You will need a web 2.0 and a brand new domain. Web 2.0 should be just another bus station to your money link. Ofc if you use ogads Lp you will do web 2.0 wich will lead to your ogads link and you can also use bitly to change link on web 2.0

If the niche is really small and you can’t find enough different people for all 50 accounts you should start with fewer… There is a setting in MP, follow different people across all accounts, but that will probably slow down the following for all accounts in time if it can’t find enough people.

thank you for the responses