Stress Free Health Chat

Hey guys! I got a lot of interesting feedback about my health post and I see lots of people going through similar stuff/ or worse than me. I figured that since the tip thread in vip longue did so well I may as well create a health chat.

The aim of this chat is to either detress, add value or distract yourself from stress.
You can post:

  • Interesting health topics/ posts/ tips
  • Health techniques you recommend
  • Healthy Diets
  • Memes/ Cool pics (Non offensive/sexual)
  • Interesting facts
  • Issues you have overcame/ want to help others with.

Basically anything that will help people feel better about themselves or to get healthier mentally or physically.

I was a personal trainer for 10 years and I have a masters degree in psychology and criminology. Yet I somehow I neglected all that I learnt and decided to use stress as my motivation… I do have a lot of knowledge on health though!

-Your opinion is not fact: Please do not debate peoples experiences or views. Be open. You don’t have to take peoples advice.


Watching this makes me feel better


Hmmm. I thought that was over lol. Next the jumping ghost will be back…

The key is to have more cake

On a serious not I think the biggest thing for managing stress is having a schedule that involves the tasks you need to do including ones to keep you calm.

I like to include 20min meditation throughout the day after a few hours of working. Helps me focus.

A great book for managing goals is ‘The One Thing’
By Gary Keller

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My pointers:

Work on your sleep. #1 thing you can do. Camomille tea before bed with Melatonin supplement. Track with Oura ring. Wake up at the same exact time every single day. No exceptions.

Eat clean food. What you think of when you think of clean food = clean food. No need to overthink.

Meditate 10 mins daily. Use a guided meditation on YouTube.

Take breaks. Look into the distance. Get some fresh air. Easy to get lost in the hassle of fixing issues in the business. Take time out.


Agree with you there. One thing I will add to that is people should not do work in bed, they should not stress, watch movies… Anything that stimulates you (outside of s… lol) should not be done in bed. The bed should be a calm place and thats its.

Theres a term in psychology called Transfer Apropriate Processing: This basically means that your memory can be triggered by particular states.

IE: You sit in bed thinking about work stress, the next day you do the same. After a certain time you will automatically be triggered by the act of sitting in your bed. Even if you wern’t thinking of work stress prior.

A good way to use this theory. Is to make your bed a calm place with no distractions. Then everytime you go to sleep you will be calm.

I apologize for any bad spelling or grammar. Its 12am here and I should be asleep. Very ironic!

Thanks for your tips man!

Facts. If you want to spend time in bed you gotta have a girl with you. Otherwise no no :smiley:

Same things goes for your work space and living area. If it’s cluttered, your mind will apply the same cluttered approach to your work and thought process. Nice and clean desk, office area, and living space are key as well. I personally just made it part of my routine to clean everything before bed every night. Takes 5 minutes and everything is tidy in the morning.

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Yeah im terrible with leaving lots of tabs open and heaps of icons on desktop but when I clear it I feel so much better lol. Thats one thing I need to work on.

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Oh yeah that’s a big one. I can feel my heart rate go up when the amount of tabs is too much lmao

Oh and one more thing I know it sounds stupid but try shadow boxing for 5 minutes before work. Just box into the air and imagine your challenges in front of you. Don’t go crazy hardcore, but do enough to start sweating a little bit and feel your heart rate going up. It gets you crazy pumped in my experience and just makes you feel like a king

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Interesting idea man. I used to have a bunch of affirmations that I would say that would get me motivated and charged.

Did muay thai for about 5 years when I was younger haha. I think doing heaps of pushups is also good to get pumped up.

Yeah affirmations I started doing again a few weeks ago. Reminds you of your goals.

Pushups are great yeah. I also want to learn at least basic muay thai this winter in Thailand :smiley:

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Yeah. One of the best things I did in life was take muay thai. Helped with confidence alot. Did it about 15 years ago lol. Did BJJ after that. Too sick to be able to do that stuff anymore.

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