Stripe has closed my account, what to do?

Hey guys, stripe closed my account, i dont understand what exactly is bad but this is the reason:

Unfortunately, your business isn’t eligible to use Stripe because it doesn’t meet our Terms of Service. If you think this may be a mistake, please contact us.

Is it really not legal to sell social media growth services?? Please, let me know how i could fix this!

I was using stripe for months and had no problems. Can it be because i recently(before some days) sent a custom invoice to my client with the name “instagram growth” ? So maybe they don’t allow “instagram growth” as i named it…

I would contact support first, preferable via a phonecall.

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The problem is that they don’t allow to contact them through phone or chat box anymore, only email…

What is strange is that plenty of people on mpsocial are using stripe to receive payments from instagram growth services, but they are all ok. I was using stripe for more than 6 months and all was great until these last days…

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This is an email that i’ve got from them some days before:

Really guys, lots of people here are using stripe to get payments from instagram and other social media marketing… Any idea why i got banned?

Hey guys, i’ve contacted the stripe support and here is their answer:

It seems that they are not going to activate my account again. It sucks but its the reality.

Now my question is , what platform would you guys suggest me to use instead of stripe? I’m blocked on paypal too, so i can’t use both: stripe and paypal. Any suggestions?? Thanks!

How much volume ($) were your running through that account monthly?

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I know a guy who had it closed with less than 100$ total transactioned. It was the very first week though. Funny enough it says nothing in their terms about social media growth.


They do.

Other forms of social media activity :wink:


Edit: my bad, youre right.

That’s why you don’t refer to yourself as a social media growth company or your services as growth or anything social media related. Media consultant, business development, etc don’t raise the same red flags. You’re not lying to them, you’re just being more vague. In my invoices I just write things like “Bronze package” as the description or similar.

Typically though they only tend to close accounts shortly after starting if you get complaints or if you’re brining in a lot of high risk charges even if they stay valid. Chargebacks especially early on can hurt you hard. They also bother you less with higher quality volume.

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not much, for the last month just over 1000 eur , for others - even less.

Hey guys, i need help from you. Stripe directed me to another payments gateway , but i just called them , they are only accepting us, i’m outside USA.

I also called , they also told me they accept usa and directed to their partner, but they accept only high volume businesses.

So i’m basically stucked right now. I need to accept payments from my clients asap, but i have no payment gateway. Can anyone help me what other payment gateway i could use instead asap?

Interested in seeing what solution you find. How about payoneer? They will ask you for all kinds of crap, but they might work out?

Hey i just got a message from stripe that they need more info from me, they ask me how i offer my services , they ask if i use ads or such, but what should i tell them? Cause i was mostly using cold email approach which is not okay to tell i think…? So what you guys would suggest me to tell

have you tried ?

MoonClerk partners with payment processor Stripe to help you accept payments immediately & securely.

That will not help

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What will happen to the future payout which is going to come in my bank account later, if my stripe account isn’t eligible ?

make a new one if they dont appeal