Stuck at TikTok followers

I’m trying to make money on TikTok but need to get 10k followers. However, I’m stuck in my both channels!
I got a video with more than +500k in one channel but still so slow to grow in followers. Any help?
One channel is about games and the second is about anime editing.

Any tips?

try to make more content, viral content, that way you will grow fast, one video will get you some followers but not enough especially if it’s an old one that is not recommended on users for you page anymore.

I think TikTok is all about content. You gotta post very good quality content and do it often. Of course the content always needs to be related to your niche.

Have you considered to change your name?
short and right to the point names are always worked better for me ,all those dots And _numbers etc are giving a not professional vibe
And the attention goes away really quick

I like your idea, i will try it, do you have a good experience with TikTok that can help us here on MPsocial or are you just working on IG? maybe i will need your advice in future :+1:

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You really think that simple name change could make any difference?

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Most definitely yes, simple Google SEO tricks

keep uploading good content,

this is bizare