Stuck in Email Verification


I have two 50k+ accounts stuck in email verification. When I try to send the email verification, it says “Sorry, there was a problem. Please try again.”

This happened after I changed the password. I have tried different devices, IPs, everything. Any ideas?


Forget the account for a few days, and try again, and if the issue persists, contact Instagram.

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Thank you! Do you have a recommendation on how to contact Instagram?

yes, a complete rest for at least 5-7 days don’t try to log in nor verify nor nothing just let the account be and try again after that.

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What kind of proxies have you tried? Did you try using your home IP?

Open IG app > on the login page, click Get help logging in > enter your username/email > Next > click Need more help? > Fill the support request form, then submit it.

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Yes, I’ve read in some threads that not doing actions on the account for days or weeks worked for them.

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Wasn’t even using proxies, just my home IP. No actions on the account other than posting 1-2 times a day.

I’ll try filing a ticket, thank you!

it is mp problem,not instagram

The accounts do not use it.

50k+ accounts on a single IP? I don’t think you can even do that. That is why your accounts are getting email verification. IG must have flagged your IP.

He means two 50K follower accounts not 50K accounts.

Yes. This happens to me as well sometimes with PV or EV. You just need to wait. 24 Hours are enough most of the time but you have to see for yourself. (+ different Ips work great or rotating mobile ones)

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