Stuck on initializing , " invalid parameters"

hello everyone and my friend @Luca

hope you’re all fine


i’m having an issue with my accounts, can anyone of your know about it and know how to fix it then please share me your experience


Invalid parameters sounds like some kind of wrong credentials. You can take a look at Jarvee error codes here: Error Codes - Jarvee
Or try to reach out to their support. Having good experiences as they always try their best to fix a problem.


Are you using API Full Emulation for that account?

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Hello @Jessi

no, simply login my account to jarvee but bcz of that issue accounts are not getting valid in jarvee

so can you tell me what to do ?

hello @Eleoen
thanks for your reply and suggesion.

no my friend, all the details are valid and working, lemme tell you something, when i use

this option " browse embedded " and try to login my account their with same details so my account’s detail’s worked their and i can login to my account

but when i press on image on this button, my account get stuck on ‘initializing’.

so now tell me my friends, @Eleoen and @Jessi, what should i do ?

It’s best to contact their support and I’m sure you’ll get the fastest possible help there. Cheers.