Stuck on Suspicious Login Issues

I am trying to add a new account, but keep getting issues.

I get a popup on Instagram saying “suspicious login attempt”

“We detected an unusual login attempt”

I click this was me and then I try and verify again, but still, get issues.

Does anyone have this issue?

It happens. How are you login in? JV, JV embedded browser, phone app, web browser?

Can you not verify your account via API?

I had the same issue, what I did was log out from my account on IG app, then request for a verification code via API by checking the red text under the account status, and click Verify Email button.

On some accounts where I didn’t get code from IG, I open the EB, logout, then log in and click this was me, then click the Verify account button again. Sometimes i need to repeat the steps until my accounts get verified.

Any solve at this problem? I have same problem on my IG accounts.

Try to log out of all your sessions on EB.

Open EB, go to profile page > Settings > Login Activity, confirm all login attempts, then log out of of all your sessions. Once you have been logged out, click the verify account button again.