Su Social: TikTok Growth Hacking 101

Best Settings for TikTok Growth 2023 with Su Social

TikTok is widely used around the globe. This becomes the target platform of most business owners, social media agencies and people who want to start a business online and to earn money. Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok is the easiest and can be more convenient to use.

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Now, how can you perform various tasks like growing TikTok accounts the easier way? The answer is automation. TikTok automation becomes one of the methods to optimize and manage TikTok accounts to make it look real and useful for a specific use. This includes posting, commenting, liking and follow-unfollow.

In this article, we will share with you how to create/connect accounts and the steps of automation for the following.

Su Social tool is a platform solution for any type of growth on TikTok. This software is ideal for account creation, scheduling content, getting likes and followers, and follow-unfollow.

We are excited to share with you the TikTok automation settings shared by Adi Ankonina and I with the Su Social team. In this article you will learn the step-by-step processes for follow-unfollow classic methods.

What do you need to run Su Social?

  1. Windows pc/VPS

  2. Proxy- 1 Proxy (5G/4G) for max 10 main accounts.

  3. Su Social account, starting at 39.97$ a month

When you have the needed account, server, proxies and the Su Social tool, you can start connecting the accounts and do automation

Here are the steps on how to connect accounts.

  1. Go to Social Profiles —> Add Profiles—> Add profile for TikTok.

  1. Once you are done adding the profile, you have to fill in the account’s username and password.

  1. After filling in the account’s details. Go to Proxy Manager. Connect the profile to a particular proxy and make sure the proxy status is valid.

  1. Go back to Social Profile. Click the account. Click Open Browser to log in the account.

Here are the steps on how to do follow:

Tools —> Settings

Tools —> Settings

There are no hard limits on the numbers of follow and unfollow, but to make the accounts safe, we recommend 200 follow max per day.

Tools —> Settings

Tools —> Settings—> Follow Sources

Put your niche or keyword on the blank space.

Tools —> Settings—> Follow Sources

After you have put the keyword, click Add Input.

Tools —> Settings

Toggle on the status to start the automation.


If you want to copy setting from on account to another use “Global Copy Settings”

  1. Go to the account from which you wish to copy the settings.

  1. Go to the account Tools.

  1. Go to Global Copy Settings

Note: Please make sure to indicate the usernames of the accounts that you wish to copy the settings to on the filter. Also, select the appropriate tag name on the filter by tag option to easily locate the accounts belonging to the tag.Select only the checkboxes that correspond to the following. Once you have made your selections, click “ok” to initiate the copying procedure.


A proxy server serves as a go-between for your computer and the internet, offering varying levels of privacy, protection, and accessibility depending on your use case. In particular, 5G and 4G proxies have been found to be effective for automating social media tasks. Therefore, we strongly suggest using these types of proxies.

How to Set Up Proxies on Su Social

1.Go to the Proxy Manager

  1. Click Add Proxy.

  2. Fill in the proxy details. (proxy IP:Port, proxy username then proxy password)

  3. Next, verify the proxy and make sure the proxy status is valid.

  4. Proxy settings are usually empty when you connect an account.

  5. Go to Proxy Manager. A maximum of 10 accounts can be accommodated by each 5G & 4G proxy.

  6. Add an account to a particular proxy and make sure it is valid.

  7. Before clicking the “verify account”, you have to make sure that the proxy details are reflected accurately.

The information above are just guides and recommendations that you can follow for automation. It depends on your part on taking risks to apply automation on your accounts. When you want to use the setting automation to test, make sure you will use a few profiles before adding another batch of profiles to automate. This is to check if the setting automation works well. If you experience issues and/or trouble on setting up accounts, leave your comments below so we can better assist you.


Hey, great post! good to see that TikTok automation is being introduced but I do have a question. Are the people you are following getting a notification that you have followed them?

I’m doing follow automation for the last 2 Weeks on TikTok with a residential proxy and I’m pretty sure they are not being notified when I follow. Follow back ratio is near 0. I’ve got good content and I’ve checked my most recent posts on Tiktok and 95% of my traffic comes from the For You page. So my account is not shadowbanned by Tiktok.

It’s either that I’m automating from a residential proxy or that TikTok does not notify follows when automating via a desktop browser. Could you share your insights on TikTok automation?


I have this same questions. can you clarify it OP?

Yeah I think SuSocial fools us that it say follow done 300, in realty 0 action follow stick.
refresh the page it does not stick.

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So Su Social is the new name for MP / Jarvee? Does the tool have a scrape / repost /publish function or just F/UF for now?

Hi, It is just the same tools as Jarvee.

Thank you I guessed that, no ability to scrape or post tho right?

Hi guys, no more TikTok? I don’t see it on the website now!

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Hi, @contactblinkee they still have TikTok but with limited features unlike IG.

Thanks @Tal_Klinger ! I’m not signed up yet. If you are, could you check what repost features it has?

Also, I see you provide proxies. Do you also offer a one-time custom setup for SUSocial to avoid any blocks? Thanks!

Appreciate the help :pray:

Hi @contactblinkee will send a DM.

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