Subscription Payments for my website

Hello all,

I am struggling with one aspect of my website. I have a stealth paypal account which I’m not going to try and upgrade to a business/premier paypal account and I want to accept monthly subscriptions on my wordpress website.

One option that I liked was Sliced Invoices so I could send automatic invoices so customers could pay with paypal through the invoice every month but for some reason the PayPal interface has changed (again) and I can’t find API credentials anymore. (Anyone know where it’s gone?)

I also see the Woocommerce subscription add-on but I’d like something slightly cheaper for now.

So, does anyone know of a good way to set up subscription payments or even invoices with a payment option with a personal paypal account?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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I use on some websites Gravity Forms with the Paypal and Stripe add-on. They are officially not free. Officially… Gravity Forms allow you to make subscriptions.

You can also use an online solution like The price depends on the country where you are (or the proxy you use) when viewing their website.


Currently using Woocommerce subscription and it’s been a great investment.

I use Stripe & PayWhirl and it works really well. Fees are quite competitive and relatively decent once you scale.