Successful FB Account Set-up and then using Jarvee

If I only want to set-up one new Facebook account, what’s the safest way to do this if I have the following available:

  • Phone: 2nd hand iPhone 6s (previously owned by a 3rd party)
  • Mobile: New 4G SIM with 10gb data per month
  • Mac & PC: previously used on 4 other FB accounts and +3 x IG automation via home Wifi

Was planning on the following;-

  1. Exclusively using the 4G connection, switching WiFi off
  2. Warming up the browsers, cookies etc over a week or two (use Safari?)
  3. Creating a Gmail account via the phone
  4. Downloading the Facebook App and registering using my own name/image etc
  5. Warming up the Facebook profile via the FB app
  6. Tethering the phone to my PC via a new PC profile
  7. Slowly ramp up Jarvee use using EB and then using slaves
  8. Add content, engage etc via the phone when Jarvee isn’t working

Is this a reasonable approach? Is there anything I need to consider or any particular configuration required?

Anyone?! :thinking: