[SUGGESTION] Avatar of the OP next to a topic in addition to the latest commenter

What up MPsocial team,

Just have a possible suggestion for the home page. Would be great to have the avatar of the OP next to a topic so we know who created the post.

When looking at the most recent topics on the home page, I often find myself looking at the topic and ‘mentally connecting’ the avatar with the topic, even if it is not the OP of the post. I’d like to be able to distinguish topics created by more advanced members or people who you already know are knowledgeable in a certain topic by having the OP’s avatar there, too.

Also, many times the whole front page will only have 1 or 2 avatars next to the most posts since some people comment on 10 topics in a row.

Anyone feel this could be relevant and easy to implement? Just to have another bubble with the OP’s avatar next to the post. Could even be bigger or smaller if that helps to distinguish.

If there’s already a topic about this please let me know and I’ll delete, couldn’t find anything via search.


I agree with you.

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Agree on that !


Probably a better place to ask for such a feature (unless it exists as a setting now)

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