[SUGGESTION] Dark mode?



I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a dark / night mode feature for this forum?
It would be great to browse the forums past bedtime at night without having to wear sunglasses :joy:
This was also my thread on the forum!


I am currently using the “Care your eyes” google chrome extension for this website which turns any website to darkmode.


There were a few topics on the forum: D I’m also wondering why they will not introduce this :frowning:
Maybe a lot of work at this, I have no idea: D
But in the evenings it burns your eyes: D


Well I want the option for the bright version since it’s better for my eyes. With a black version will look alike “the other” one :slight_smile:


sometimes i use Dark Reader but i really didnt like it


Before going to sleep I always use f.lux on the PC and blue light filter on the phone. Works like a charm!


For those using windows 10, there is an option for night mode which works just the same way as f.lux.


I have f.lux installed on Windows 10 or do you mean something already integrated?


A good dark version is much needed on these hard sleeping days!


I use windows dark mode for windows 10, very helpful for the file explorer. @Squirtle thanks for sharing this… I just added it :slightly_smiling_face: I also use a dark theme in chrome…

Now if only my windows 2016 server had a dark mode. -__-


yes, it is inbuilt in Windows 10…

You can check on the notifications column on the far right there’s a “Night light” feature.


Thanks very much for this indeed!