Suggestion for Jarvee Development Team

Hi there, I have been using Jarvee for a while now, but it is always a struggle to repeat the same settings across several jarvee accounts for different clients.

Is there a way to save the configuration in a file and upload it to the other account, so I can copy it to the other accounts in that same jarvee account?

If there isn’t, maybe having a configuration file that we can export could become a whole new way of spreading the jarvee community.

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We have an option in Jarvee to COPY SETTINGS and we also have the GLOBAL COPY SETTINGS option.

From Advanced Profile Settings:

From the Tools:

Yes, very useful and I use it all the time between the accounts in the same jarvee account…

With more than one jarvee account, how to copy the settings to the other accounts?

By jarvee account I mean an account that holds X number of Instagram/Linkedin Accounts to another jarvee login that holds Y number of Instagram/Linkedin accounts from different clients.

You mean a jarvee license.
You could make a test account with the settings you want and export the binary file. Then import on the other license.


Exactly. How do I import the binary file? This is exactly what I was looking for, you just put it in better wording for me.

First, export it by going to Social profiles, select it, press Actions on selected profiles then Export account as binary files. Then copy the file where you want to run it, open Jarvee there, press Actions on selected profiles, then Import accounts from binary files and choose that file.


thanks man, you are a hero!