Suggestion Which Dedicated server

Hello everyone!

For long days I was using my private PC to run my MassPlanner mostly for Instagram accounts.

But for now I am looking for Dedicated Server.

Looking for TIPs which I should use.

I am looking for Dedicated Server which will handle 200 accounts for now. Many actions, follow, unfollow, like, comment, msg.

Would be great if there will be a chance to improve this server for example when i will be ready with 300 account ofc for bigger price.

Thanks a lot


Yes i read that and I looked for these services. Wondering about 64 GB Dell PowerEdge Dual Hexa-Core - 24 Cores @ 2.66 GHz at Turkey for 99%/month will it be enough for these ammount of accounts?

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Yes, that will work fine, with plenty of room to spare.

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Thanks a lot, do you know if there are any discount coeds for us? :slight_smile:

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None that I know of. However you will need an OS for it. There are two ways, the free Microsoft Server 2016 or buying a key. You can easily get away with half the server.

If you want to handle 500 accounts, then the 64 GB is the way to go.

I just read your post then wiped my eyes very hard then read again.

For someone who’s just come across this whole world…the idea of running 200 accounts, let alone 300 makes my brain want to go sit in a corner and cry.

where have I been all this time…


Just another day…

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Yes, Server 2012 is $20 a month, so is 2016. $20x12 is $240 US a year just for the OS

There are always ways to get it free. Search around or read further down the major threads you’ll find it.

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I am 99.9% sure YOU posted how to get it free…


wortime last question. Will MP work Operating System @Windows Server 2016? Without buying license for Windows platform?

I haven’t used it on server 2016, but several report it working, I would contact support with questions /confirmation on that.

Running it on server 2016 6 month free trial atm, can confirm it works perfectly


Hey, if you want to find cheap dedicated server, i find the dedicated server from JTN solution cheap. For 16 GB ram, you only need $29.99 + $10 for windows server

great topic, all with free advice of other users


Hi @dma0245 do you suggest any cheap dedicated servers!

is out of business!