Suggestions for warming accounts

Hey guys, back again lol.
So the other week 19 accounts got disabled and I was told It was most likely the proxy. By people in this forum as well as jarvee support.

So I have 20 new accounts running all on their own proxy. I wake up today and 5 have captcha. So, there must be something with the settings or just bad luck.

I start out by following about 5-6 people a day for the first few days then I slowly ramp it up to about 20-30 followers a day by the second week. I have full browser experience, story viewer and contextual actions going too.

I would think that even a new. Handmade account should be able to do 20 .

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You need to let the accounts rest for a few weeks before you start automating them. I have read that you should wait 2 weeks minimum before doing actions.

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Read through a few threads on the forum. Use the search bar. You should be able to get solid information to base your own testing on.

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Yeah I have been doing that but I hear that lots of people will start from day 1 and be up and running by 2 weeks if they are manual accounts

I changed my accounts settings slightly in one go. Just making the follow range bigger. Maybe that caused it

very true we provide manual growth service and we always create new accounts if client want slave accounts we start with 30 follows and 30 likes with other random actions and in 7-8 days we are able to all actions

i think its very easy to handle account with bad trust score manually , i have noticed even accounts with poor trust score do good manually

It may be that my scrapers are not doing their job. Found out my main accounts are sending api calls even when in only EB

There’s your problem right there

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Yeah another guy pointed it out. Followed the alternative method for setting slaves up. Hopefully this is the cause of all my issues!