Suggestions on how to grow a twitter account? Too many retweets bad? Is it even worth it to use twitter?

I am wondering what are the best ways to grow a twitter account? Is retweeting too much per day a bad idea? You would think retweeting 1000 times per day would get you more followers but is this a bad idea? Would it be a better idea to only retweet a few times per day and focus on following and favorite posts?

Is it even worth it anymore to try to build twitter accounts?

Depends on the purpose you’re growing the Twitter account for and niche.

Retweeting a ton of posts a day isn’t a good way to grow active followers. Why would retweeting 1000 posts a day gain you real followers? You would just be spamming your own audiences timeline with other peoples content.

I would guess that 1000s of retweets with an affiliate link would be good but yes that is most likely going to be too spammy. I am just wondering how people actually make any money on twitter.