Suggestions on writting articles?

Hello, MPSocial community!

I need your help to decide about a structure to write articles for the agency I work for.

I am talking especially about the introduction. I am thinking of having all the intros written in a similar way that over time will look like a branded type of writing articles.

For more insights, the agency is an Estate Agency located in Costa Blanca, Spain and most of the articles will be targeted towards foreigners.

Do you think that keeping a similar introduction to all the articles is a good idea or should I consider having some diversity?

Not sure what you are trying to explain. My sense is that anything that is the same or very similar is not going to be viewed well for SEO purposes. But, I understand wanting to brand. Why not have a paragraph on the front page, and then use that as a quote at the beginning of each article. If you link the quote to the front page, you get internal linking benefits, and having the same stuff on each page is dismissed if you are quoting. Something like this at the top of the article:

“Here are Costa Blanca Estate Agency, we value your business and friendship. Our goal is to provide unparalleled quality service.”
- Costa Blanca Estate Services (hyperlink to front page)

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i think your answer is the perfect one for my question! thanks a lot!

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