Suggestions? - Running a Real Giveaway - Not Loop

I’ve spent a couple of months on here trying to help out where I can. I’m asking for a bit of spoon feeding mainly due to time constraints ( I want to reply tomorrow)

The giveaway is legit and niche. I’m trying to think of ways to maximise it? Value is mid range. Worth entering.

Thinking to enter they must at least follow the two Instagram’s and tag two people?

I’d guess I can ask them to share or save it? But I dont want to make it super complicated to enter.

I’m likely to ask the winner to send me a photo of the prize and/or post and story about it?

What are your thoughts? Any suggestions welcomed

Ways of maximizing what?

To show proof that each Instagram user did what you asked for? That’s too much…

Are you going to state those terms in the caption of the giveaway post? That’s too strange… Just simply create a new post or a story tagging the winner and that’s all. Also, you can create a video of packing/sending the prizes to contestants and also creating a video of randomizer if you really want to showcase to your followers that it’s a legit giveaway.

How are you going to advertise your giveaway? Something like “Join our REAL Giveaway?” :smiley:

Actually I don’t understand the point of your questions and your topic. What are you trying to do? :smiley:

I thinking this enough. If you add more things it may look complicated.

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You can also tag people (participants in a giveaway) and ask followers to follow tagged users instead of going to host’s acc and following everyone that follows. But maybe second option is more convenient for the followers to do this.

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Hi Pow,

How to maximise its reach. Is tagging one person ok? Or asking to tag two to enter, that sort of thing.
For the saves and shares… I wouldn’t need proof I just thought it might be a good idea to ask them to, even just 40% of them do it might help the algorithm.

Thanks for the idea about packing etc. Sorry I wasnt clear that’s the sort of thing I meant.

The reason I asked is because most of the info on here is about fake giveaways or big loops.
This is neither so I’m asking for ideas on how to make it successful.

Thank you. I think you’re right.

That’s a good idea.

Sorry for my shitty grammar. I’m dyslexic and when I’m tired it’s worse than normal lol

Ohh sorry, then I didn’t get it right then :smiley:

I thought you wanted to ask followers to share the proof (screenshot or whatever) that they did all the steps to be a participant. Yeah, you can ask to save the post too.

For maximizing post reach, outcomes and getting good results for hosted accounts (giveaway loop), there are many things you can do… asking to save/share the post + asking to engage (like few posts/comment) on someone’s account to help ig algo, etc… it would take me an hour to write all the things :smiley:


@pow I get the idea. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing some obvious new trick or hack lol.
Thank you :grin:

I wouldn’t make it too complicated, I would suggest this:

  • Follow the desired IG’s
  • Like the picture and tag 2 people in the comments
  • You can ask them to share the giveaway on IG Stories for a bonus entry

Cheers Lizzy :grin::grin: