Suggetion for cheap provider for sms verification / rent numbers?

I have been using SMS pva for long time but I am looking for new provider , may be cheaper one, I work with jarvee and need the option to make it autmatic as possible
What else suggestions do you have for this type of service?

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Ok i think its time for me to give some value.
cheap and api acces. u can stay anonym and pay with prepaidcards.
Can it get better? :wink:

they got only 1 geo for sms pva, that not really helping since ip is US you can you VN phone to verify, it doesnt look good

for me this works fine.

There is a service called which people recommend, and it’s inexpensive. But there is no api or anyway to automate it since someone actually gives you the codes in chat.

Buy your own sim cards you will never regret it ,it’s the best move i have done so far !
i have 600 Sims :smiley: No more subscriptions or pay per pv ! i got them for ever!

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@alossra from where

Bought them locally From an illegal seller For 0.3$/each :slight_smile: lol super cheap in my 3th world country :sweat_smile:


Please provide the provider :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::rofl::facepunch:

I guess you got them from italy and your customers are from italy too? Am I wrong?

He is from Germany as I remember

how can you even track what sim belong to what account?
that a fucking mess, how do you make order ?

Spreadsheets are key in this industry.


did you buy them in bulk? Price is really awesome :sweat_smile:

it’s not :smile: everything is in order done nicely ,nums on every accs are tagged from N1 to N600

Yes only in bulk! yeah everything is cheap here lol


The cheapest one here in Russia I can get for about $0,5 per sim, but I’m not sure if they will last at least a month :roll_eyes:

legal sellers sells for 1$ or 1.5$ here too, and in bulk for about 0.7$
but illegal sellers sell for 0.3$/each in bulk
illegal sellers are hard to find if you don’t spend more than a week investigating xD In real life ,it was fun
i’ve heard that there’s some sellers that sells for even 0.2
i have been using my own sims for more than 2 months now :smiley: it’s totally worth it tbh i was losing too much money on PV services for a long long time… and they were causing a lot of problems!

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yea, I’m talking about illegal ones too :slight_smile:
But it’s f*cking easy to find them here, I live in big city so a lot of ways to reach the sellers, but I don’t know what is behind theese sims that’s why I can’t be sure they will last some time and can’t use them for growing accounts, just for spam accounts maybe

I’m not forcing anyone to use them you’re free to do what you want bro just sharing my thoughts from my own experience! not a lot of people will understand the benefits of using there own sims until they try them ,good luck
M/S :heart:

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How did you even get all those simcards registered?
Because I believe they have to be registered for them to actually be active and be usable.

Usually they sell them already activated

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