Super frustrated with "email confirmation" Jarvee

I have 20 accounts that I havent been using since I gave up a few months ago, got new proxies, trying to get everything logged in…When I use EB I verify with email/phone and everything works and I can use EB…however the account still goes go “VALID” and every time I press “verify” …it prompts me with the "is this you? pop up in EB, I say yes…but the account still says email confirmation and wont go valid…its just never ending…the EB works fine with the proxy and im “in” but jarvee wont make the account “VALID”

any help would be great

I also have this same problem when I use DC proxies. What I do is while the account is still logging in eb, I remove the proxy and click “let account run without proxy” in the “advance profile setting” and also make sure the “keep account valid when changing the account proxy” is on too

After that u can try verify the account with api again with your local network, you would still need to click one more time “it was me” front EB and it would work after that!

If you have multiple accounts then I won’t advise you to connect with local network. You will have to install a VPN on your pc and just select the same country as your account.

After it’s valid you then assign the same proxy back to the account. Then turn off “let account run without proxy”

For new accounts I would advise you to connect the accounts first with vpn then assign the proxy after it’s been verify

Hope that helps!!

I will give it a shot, thanks Tyson!

Yesterday had same problem, I did verify with code and it worked. Try that…

It’s Instagram that still thinks the login attempt you do is suspicious, jarvee only shows what IG asks you (Email/phone verification). You should try to request a verification code by clicking Verify via email, then click verify using code after entering the verification code. if it doesn’t work, open the EB > go to your profile page > settings> login activity>confirm all login activity, then log out of all your old sessions. Then click Verify account button again from Settings tab.

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If this doens’t work, try changing proxy, log out from your phone and then try again.