Super low follow back - how to increase?

Hey guys im runing couple accounts for about 2 month now and some one the accounts get 150-180 followers at the end of the month and some one then like 30-50… i see there people getting 500+ per month but i cant understand the problem.
I think the problem is with my follow back ratio - how can i increase that? what filters should i use to use only high quality accounts?

thanks for help!

Indeed, less than 400-500 followers per month is pretty low for F/U. Are you sure that these accounts match the quality checks ?

If yes, swap the sources. And try to filter the targeted users :slight_smile:

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what filters i should use? i think that is the problem…

review your sources and use these filters to avoid following inactive users and see how it goes.

I would also recommend liking 1-2 posts after follow.

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use that filters + source links of same niche pages?
lets say im working on social media agency - that settings + different social media agency’s?

Some filter are good…but some increase alot the API CALLS and will put on delay all the scrapers account.

For example you can filter by PRIVATE USER or IMAGE ACCOUNT directly after generating the .csv from SCRAPE TOOL by decreasing a lot the API CALLS

Filter by FOLLOWERS NUMBERS would be ok but kill the API CALLS

This is more interesting but i was afraid always about the new ig limits…did you find some right settings?

well i added to filters all my scrapers burned ahhahha but i think it should work better

Burned fast? or they were with age?

He means they died. Using too many filters means lots of api calls. So, you need lots more scrapers with low limits or they will all die fast.

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I’d agree with this. More filters used on tools = more scrapers, then more tools running on an account = even more scrapers.

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what the difference? well they burned - they was more then 1 month on…

how many scrappers should i use? 5 for every 1 main no?

Yes, you can try that.

We usually use sources with better engagement rates in the same niche and location. Average rate must be 5.50% above (use some free sites that calculates EG rate) and 10k or less followers. It requires much time but it will give you a good FBR.

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can you send me any free site that calculates EG rate? cant find… maybe typing wrong search

found that one >> Instagram Engagement Calculator | Phlanx looking nice what you think about that tal?

Hi @maaseinu yes. We use Phlanx to check the engagement rates of our sources. However, the downside is that you can only use it three times per IP per day. That means you need to use proxies to make use of the full potential of the platform.

Or use TOR BROWSER :wink: