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I recently came across a website that claims to be able to give you between 500-2000 real followers per week. I just can’t see how this is possible? I was thinking about signing up as I have in depth analytics on my IG account to see if its dummy accounts? Does anyone else know how this could be possible?

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I am trying the trial with a test account for science.

100% guarantee it’s dummy accounts. They can’t deliver “real” followers who will engage 24/7. You could build an army of accounts, then have them with their spam comments etc, but we will see…


In theory, if they had enough customers they could build a webapp/script/program that was essentially a botnet of real accounts that get forced to follow other related accounts, building up the following for everyone within niches.

Maybe this is @BrandonBerner’s newest moneymaking scheme…


Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard that statement… nor the last… :money_mouth:

Exactly, I am calling Bull :poop:

There are lots of websites that claim to sell “Real Followers”.

Here is the catch…yes, the followers are real, created by real people, and are in fact not bot created or run.

What they dont tell you is that the majority of the accounts that follow you, are from accounts that were created in addition to the users MAIN account.

  • They dont want to follow to many people on their main account, so the create a new one, and make it look genuine by posting some pictures. They will use this account to follow you. They will likely not use the account to remain active on your account.

This service will still likely kill your engagement rate since the users are not engaging with your content.

@wortime keep me posted on your results after testing.


They can set them to engage, but why would they? Once they have your money, its all good

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Exactly! And dont you think they would advertise this if they offered such a feature? Thus further proving the accounts will not engage with your content in the future, and will just lower your engagement.

Oh great! I use sumall reports I can put you on it if you like while you test their services. Im going to do the same. I found it funny that the girl that messaged me only had 10k followers lol… If she can get that in 2 months why doesn’t she have more.

Hmmm I might test on an account that is not my main one. I don’t want to kill my engagement.


I’m interested to learn what your results are. The last thing anyone needs are more inactive fake followers!

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Still waiting to hear back.

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Cool mine has started Ill keep you guys posted

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I’m beginning to wonder if this is just another real (ahem, “fake”) follower sell site with better wording… :smirk:

There are indeed sellers who sell real followers with real engagement. But then it’s hella expensive. If you found anything cheap, chances are it’s fake.

At that point you might as well build it youselves or buy one with numbers already.

Edit 1:

Realised they did not guarantee engagement.

Edit 2:

Found some of their “testimonials”. Does not look like it’s impressive at all.

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HA! 40k followers and 130-400 likes per post? Well done!


I also think they may automate and make a weird circle of engagement between them only.

For example. I tested river (5 days) and i got a lot of followers and likes, but somehow 6/10 were from bussines accounts who use english as their main language. Funny, because the account i registered to test is in spanish!! and i only followed people who speak spanish before!


Yeah I agree. Its been 4 days and nothing has even happened which is strange… Not even one new follower… Really wondering how 2k are suddenly going to pop up lol by day 7

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I completely agree

The dream! :slight_smile:

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