Survey type Landing page query

I am using leadpages and trying to make a survey landing page type but really cannot get to the point.

I need my visitors to complete step 1 before they could move to step 2 which can be easily done with clickfunnels. example:

Any cheap way to make such survey type landing pages?


WordPress + Elementor and a plugin for quizzes/surveys will do the job. Good Luck!

Can you achieve load times below one second with this? And if so, how do you do that?

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To achieve that of course you will need a good web hosting provider. Avoid budget Webhosting when you want <1s loading speed. For example WP Engine is much better than GoDaddy.

Choose a lightweight quiz plugin and some performance plugins like “lazy loader” (loads the content 1 by 1 for example when scrolling instead of all together at the beginning). Plugins for caching and image compression can be helpful as well.

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Does load speed improve on non wp html website aswell with better hosting? @roy thinking of adding a preloader since images need a couple seconds to load although we’re talking about < 1mb images

Wordpress is pretty clunky and especially page builder come with several scripts. Even with CDN, gzip and so on it is quite difficult to be below 2 seconds. Non wordpress - so basically a site that is reduced to the max - of course performs much better.

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I will have a look on these, thanks mate