[Survive guide] What to do when automation is broken

I think you know it, the only solution is to test and wait. But there are some people that can’t afford to test (lack of time,lack of money). There are also people who can’t wait (me). Everyday i am looking on forums trying to find if there is something knew to the game about those blocks. Nothing

So i decided that i will prepare the next follow waves and i want to share this with you
I think this thread will talk to the small guys like me who are motivated to do some ig marketing but are tight on time or on founds
(However if you find this useless i don’t care)


The first thing to do is doing some research, what method you want to try. There are topics popping up during the follow blocks and not paying attention to them is a waste of brain. Do some research on method, new method, how to manage 10’s, 100’s, 1000’s account if you are a bad boy. Find some GOOD proxy provider, you can still test them in this times, if they’re bad account are follow blocks before 1-2 first follows.
Also you ´ll need to learn how to create some accounts instagram. Why buy some accounts if we can’t use them right now ? Let’s make them, it’s money saving and you ´ll use your time right because if you do it well accounts will be like arnold!

Now it’s time to practice !
First, create 5/10/50 accounts every day depending on your goal, i ´ll go something between 5 and 10 as i get bored quickly…
If you don’t create them successful, NO WORRIES !! You have plenty time to learn because you can’t use them yet!!
While doing this you will test different proxy provider i recommend not go below 0.5$ dollar per proxy which is for me the lowest of the lowest. (not talking in bulk) .At this price it can be quality like it can be garbage.
I ´ll personnally go with something between 1 and 2 $ per proxy and do something like 2:1 or whatever i wanna test


I usually try to be organized, last time i went unorganized pretty fast…so put a method where you are organized. Excel sheets or somethings, with your expenses, accounts details, proxies.

If i make this post it is also to make us think different. It’s easy to think that instagram is dead or whatever and to fall into fear (am i the only one to fear?). But we have to think in the futur ! For me this kick in the ball from zuckmeberg is a new start. I want to make it a new start. And when all is good, we will be ready ! Even if peace last one month before the next update. Let’s prepare ourselves.

Decent plan - I’m creating new slaves and testing the slaves while resting my main until I know how to grow without long term risk.

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Lol automation is not “broken.” This is not new. What everyone needs to do is calm down, be patient, and adapt. That’s how everyone has been doing this for years. Adapt Adapt Adapt.

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The big ballers on the forum are operating as normal and discussing things off site. The new kids really like to act as though this is the end of the world. I’ve had 0 issues with clients in the past month.


@Connor_Lipke shhh :shushing_face: IG is dead let them move to other “business” :laughing:




I knock Facebook door and ask for money.
They ask why?
I say you blocked my automation tool

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it’s broken like a leg

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