SuSocial not fetching backup

I have installed my SuSocial from my PC to a Remote Desktop Computer and updated to the recent version but it is not fetching the backup and all my accounts and settings are vanished. I also copied the backup folder from the older version to the newer one but still it is not picking up the backup.

Which folders should I copy from the older version to the newer version to restore my accounts?

Your help will be highly appreciated.

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Is the login the same on the backup as the new? If not it wont work

The login is same. SuSocial Dashboard is also showing previous notifications but is not recovering previous data.

Do you still have the old version? Just copy the whole folder to the server

Otherwise contact support

Daniel is a moderator please advice.

Hi there. Since this involves the usage of a particular software (Su Social in your case), please contact their support team via to receive professional assistance with the issue that you are encountering.

Kindly note that MPSocial is a forum and is used as a shared community resource by various software users. There may be knowledgeable members who can help you out, but in cases like yours, professional assistance may only be provided by the specific support team. :slight_smile:

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