Suspend on second Block Not Working

Using only EB+Scrapers.
I want my account to relogin on the second temporary block.
In Settings> Social Platforms> Instagram-

But the account is not maintaining the second suspend time and also does not logging out.
It’s getting block>Suspending 60-90 minutes
Again getting block>Suspending 60-90 minutes
Again getting block>Suspending 60-90 minutes
But neither maintaining the second block time frame nor the logout/relogin portion.

What am I missing?

My suggestion to you is to contact Jarvee support if you’ve noticed that it’s not working as it’s supposed to be.

Have you checked the settings under social platforms > Instagram, aswell as the settings under the follow tool?

If you have it set one way in the follow tool, but set different under settings, it’s going to go with the settings under the account, not global settings.

Tried both individually.
When I use settings under the tools, it respects the second block time frame but doesn’t log out or relogin.
But for global settings, it doesn’t follow the second block time or log out at all!

Need to make sure my settings are okay first :slight_smile:

Logout/Relogin on second block only works for API?
I am using EB and that’s why it doesn’t logout/relogin on second block??

It should work for both api/eb as far as I know. I’m sure @Luca can help you.


It’s weird. Then I might be missing something. Thank you for mentioning @Luca
I found some accounts were able to maintain the second block suspend time but no logout/relogin.


do you have the auto logout options checked in the account’s advanced settings?

Nope. Checking them force logout on the first block!

I might be wrong. Isn’t that why this option exists?

I mean you still need to check the auto logout options for it to work.

I want to test it but my account isn’t blocked atm. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think what @ossi suggested might be correct, have you tried that @scorpionking? I mean checking these options


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Yes tried checking these options last night and also tried before.

Ticked these options and also

Ticked them like this photo-

Ticking all these options should log out only on the second block but it’s not doing that. The accounts log out on the first block.