Suspend tool lasting longer than what it's set to do

Some of my accounts are receiving multiple follow blocks per day.

For context: I use 4G proxies that rotate every 20-30 minutes and the account settings are very conservative. Literally the most conservative settings anyone uses and should not be receiving this many blocks on the daily.

The account is set to suspend 20-30 minutes when receiving a block. I also have the “treat action blocks as temp block” setting checked. And Keep accounts valid when changing proxy selected.

My issue is that when an account receives a follow block, the suspend tool lasts way longer than what I set it for.

because I am a new user I’m not able to upload screenshots of the actual settings. (one pic per new user)

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You should probably blur out all of your personal and account info from that screenshot :wink:

What numbers do you have Suspend tool when temporary blocked between X and Y minutes to?


Suspend tool when temp blocked is set 20-30 minutes. My proxy is set to rotate 20-30 mins as well

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