Suspended Twitter Accounts

Lately i’ve started getting a few of my accounts suspended. I’ve been managing twitter accounts for 7 years now and it’s only now this has started happening.

Do any of you have any experience in getting the suspension lifted at all?

I just got 25% of my accounts banned this week all with very low settings. I do not know what is going on…

Same here, I lost about a dozen accounts this week which had been fine for 6+ months. I lowered my like/follow settings on all of them and the rest seem to be ok now.

Can your accounts be reported? As I had some accounts suspended before, and I found that reason is - FOLLOWING. Now I only follow my own accs, and all is OK.


What topic were those banned accounts? (sport, humor, marketing…etc)

The content was original? Did you follow a clean, homegeneous using pattern on that profile?

Many times we worry about the MP settings, and finally we must remember that it is a social network and that it can change the parameters at any time.

Still, I do not know what is happening with the stiffness of Twitter. Any ideas?

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Nothing out of the ordinary, accounts have been running for years doing the same thing but only following/unfollowing and retweeting and all of a sudden several accounts get suspended.

Yes competitors do this often.

Mine are 2, 3 years old so it doesn’t matter what age really, not aggressive either.