Suspicious account followers

Why are there so many fake account adding me each day, with one or in most cases no post at all on the account. What do they get out of it? Used to be just a few a day now ilbut recently has creeped up to a couple dozen a day.

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There are lots of reasons why. But everything is connected to automation bots, when did this start?

I’ve always had about a handful but I notice I got 5 times more today since I joined a couple engaging groups for the first time. I thought the power likes will help exposure to real people but I’m so far mostly getting bots. Why is that?

Starting to get a few dozens of bot accounts as followers daily can’t be out of nowhere and without any reason. So you already have an answer to your question. The engagement groups. :slight_smile:

But if you’re getting the results you want from the engagement group, you have real exposure and you are being followed by more real accounts than you should see the pros/cons of this and see if it’s worth it.

No, real account organic follow is maybe 1/10 of these said suspicious accounts. Is it what everyone experience with engagement groups?

There are many types of engagement groups, even groups that require $ to join. But for sure, there are other engagement groups that this is not happen, but I really can’t tell much about this since I haven’t been using any myself.

It will still happen. If your post gets popular for certain hashtag, you also become target for bot accounts.

Anyway, you can always block them.


Yes I def notice the bots are strongly associated with hashtags and therefore stopped using them almost altogether. So is it best to block fake accounts?

You have no use of them whatsoever, so yeah. Thry just make your account look bad.


So I went off and blocked 100ish suspicious accounts and it got me on the daily follow limit and still hasn’t been lifted after 4h. I didn’t know mass blocking followers >= mass follow. What’s the logic behind it?

u can always give your account rest
and always remember to do everything gradually with ig
i’m not sure about the logic behind because it’s ig logic

Everything you do on Instagram is counted as action and Instagram limits its users on every action follow/like/unfollow/block… Everything you do is tracked by the algorithm.
If you were doing this manually I would suggest blocking around 20 followers in your free time 4-5 times daily, this will take you around 15 mins each time and you won’t even feel like wasting your time… (we all know this is boring).

Eventually you will get rid of most of the bot accounts.

Thanks. Finding them in the follower list isn’t easy. I only was able to do it as there were a slew of them coming in the past two days. Now I just plan to block as they come as digging in to do the rest will take too much time.

Yeah, if you can rid of them, its good, but some people seem to spend too much on blocking them. Every account, especially the big ones of VIPs have a lot of fake accounts. Still, these accounts are growing…

Are there any real people on instagram? I thought it was all bots. First time i posted a picture 2 years ago with few hashtags and got 20 likes immediately and thought those were real people liking them, some people still think they get real people liking their pictures when they post using hashtags. Instagram is quite happy that bots are helping their users feel good about themselves since they think its real people liking and following them.

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I was just thinking since Instagram only expose my posts to 20-30% of my followers and the rest of them are kinda inactive. How will these fake accounts be different as a dead follower as the other 70% of in active real followers to me? What’s your thoughts on this?

Well, there are some obvious signs for “bot accounts”, and some not so obvious.
Lets focus on the more obvious ones, e.g.

Zero posts and following more than 6,500 accounts?! This will be likely classified by IG as bot account. So back to your question:
An inactive acc. is an acc. that is not online since a while. Meaning: no interactions with others, no follow / like action.
A fake acc. can be defined as an acc. that is controlled by a software or a A.I. It doesnt mean neccessarily that this acc. is doing any harm or any interaction, it might be used just for “occupying” an username for the future. But an account that is actually not giving any value to the community (e.g. by uploading great pics), but instead is following more than many thousand accounts… well, that is a fake acc. that nobody needs (as the one above).

Point taken.

My question is about, in terms of value as a follower to me, how do fake accounts differ from other real account that won’t ever engage with my content (mostly due to Instagram limiting reach of each post)?

I went through 10k followers today to clean up suspicious account and only to got more. Is there a way to not all them to follow me? This unblocking business is tedious and never ending.

I can’t think of any other way than just setting your account to private and manually accepting real accounts