Swapping IG Usernames. Who Knows The Trick?

Hello, I am wondering if anyone can give advice on how to go about swapping usernames to get around the 14 day period on IG.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

(Yes, I have read threads in this forum about this topic before posting this.)

I hope everyone is staying safe out there.


I need to do the same with 2 accounts!

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Can’t you just change the names?

ex: Your end goal is to have the name mikeymike from Account A to Account B

Rename Account A: mikeymike1
Rename Account B to: mikeymike
and done

Doesn’t this work?

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No that no longer works, the username needs to not be used for 14 days in order to swap.

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You’ll need to let go of the old username for 14 days, and then pray that it’s still available after 14 days. Some take even longer to be released.


Yea, I have read about people being able to get around this 14 day wait period. Im not sure if its a bunch of BS or what.

It’s BS. 14+ days. I have a client that created a name. For some unknown reason changed it and wrote the wrong letter. Within seconds after pressing submit, tried to correct it, account name was no longer available.

After 14 days, it’s still unavailable. It’s not a common name, it doesn’t mean anything, it was just his initials and something else. Weird how Instagram works. Going on 20 days and nothing yet.


Yea, but there is ways around everything just have to get the right person. Just praying that person joins this chat and lets us know. ha


Wow really? I recently did it on a dead account and a new one I made.

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Google search “turbo username” you should be able to find what you need. Pretty sure someone on bhw offered this service last year so you might want to check there too.

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Yea, I am not sure if the age of the accounts have anything to do with it.

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I would assume this 14 day period is to prevent turbos, but I’ll look it up maybe someone has a solution. Thanks

hellloooo all of you :3
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