Swipe/Link feature for stories disappeared (43,5k followers)

So suddenly my Swipe/Link function disappeared last week. I started using the service of a bot that follows and unfollows targeted users. The bot is situated in country A and the Swipe function disappeared when I was using insta in country B. What could be the problem? Too many API calls from one account? Linking restrictions? And the most important; how do I get it back!?!?!

Have you tried reinstalling the app? Happens to me especially when they release updates.

Reinstall and than turn off the bot, to see what happens

Yes i tried. It didn’t work…

Yes i tried also and it didn’t work…

I have had the same problem for me and my clients. Any solutions?

Try logging in on a different phone. It may be a reach but it helped me when I couldn’t change my bio due to some kind of a bug.

I have the contrary issue, one one of my accounts I shouldn’t be allowed to post links yet and I have the tool but when I access it it doesn’t let me go through with the “swipe up”

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yeah same, I only have 2.3k follower and I was offered creator account yesterday. I have the link button when I go to create a story, but when I go to make the swipe up, clicking it just doesn’t do anything

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Write to Instagram support. They should resolve it… They shouldn’t disable your link function because of automation or other country logons…