Switching 300K Account from Personal to Business

Hey guys,

Has anyone had experience switching a large account to Business for the Swipe Up feature?

I’ve heard Business accounts lose a significant amount of reach/engagement … Is that true?


Yes I switched a 75k account lost around 50% of my engagement

Don’t you hate it when you hear from people that that’s just a myth? :confused:

I switched a tech account I grew it using MP to 75k switched to business average likes went down from 3.5-4.5k to 1.5-2.2k however it was beneficial for getting more views on Youtube due to swipe up story.


I agree the insights are welcoming.

The “switching from personal to business lowers engagement” thing isn’t entirely true and is largely based on various other factors.

I know tons of people on both sides; those that have said there was no different and those that have said there was. It’s ultimately up to you to decide whether to switch or not.
With analytics, you can use those insights and build an even better posting strategy.

You should know that in social media there are far too many factors that impact engagement, to just blame it on one thing.

Just my 2cents.


I’m in this situation since 1 year… always wondering …

For me personally, it has had a negative effect in terms of reach, especially if the page was tied to a Facebook page that was running ads. IG would limit my reach to only 10% or so of my audience when switched to business.

He’s correct.

Let’s compare apples to apples. I purchased an account that had decent growth, wasn’t “personal” in terms of content, was a feature page, on “personal” ig settings. I rebranded the name and posting structure/strategy to add value. Put it on my powerlike network and it went crazy viral. Needed more analytics so took the jump and growth had absolutely NO change whatsoever.

I think the drop apparently happens when you’re advertising, then IG starts to categorize you as a meal ticket and possibly drop engagement - I haven’t tested this.

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I agree with you on the fact that it has more to do with advertising than simply switching to business. When they see your account attached to a business account or ad account on FB, they tend to try to get you to pay for exposure knowing very well you will.


Needs work manually nby workers, no use any kinds of Bot or web service

Business account doesn’t automaticaly mean you own a business,it offer very usefull insights.
I don’t think it effects your ER that much,you can always work to get it back.
I can’t imagine having a 300k account and no business insights…

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Hi, I am on the search for lost ER since one week. Now there is almost no hashtag recognition. I was wondering if you or anybody else tried switching back from business to standard user and eventually gaining ER?
Or just switch to business/creator to see the insights and than go back to standard to use the account 99% of the time with the higher standard account ER. Anybody tried that?
Or is it all just a myth?

It depends… From my experience reach/imps were here-here. But Likes dropped. Does it matter now that they hiding likes? I dont care personally.

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