Switching to a VPS for the first time

Hi Massplanners

I just switched over from using MassPlanner on my Windows 10 computer to a dedicated Windows VPS. Something interesting came up, which I thought would be useful to share with the forum.

As recommended in this post (http://www.massplanner.com/knowledgebase/recommended-vps/) I decided to go with greencloudvps.com. I noticed that MP recommended the Mass Planner optimised VPS (starter at $26) which was strange as Greencloud also offer the SuperSaving Budget VPS - Budget 2 at only $20 a month which also has 4gb ram, 2 cores, 40gb pure ssd, unmetered bandwith and 1gbps port. Even with the Massplanner discount code, the Budget 2 option is cheaper.

I decided to go with the Budget2 option, however there is one tweak you need to make. The Budget 2 VPS only has .NET Framework 3.5 installed, meaning that you can’t actually install MP2. After talking to Greencloud they informed me that I needed to install .NET 4, however this is incorrect… .NET 4 means you can install MP2 but it will crash every time you open it.

What you need to do instead is install .NET Framework 4.5. You can download from the following link (completely free of course!)


There we go… saved you $6 per month :stuck_out_tongue:

I then set it up with Microsoft Remote Desktop on both my mac laptop and iPhone.

One annoying thing with switching between the two (mac and windows) is trying to remember to use the CTRL key in place of the CMD key while in the Remote Desktop window (e.g. CTRL-C to copy instead of CMD-C). Someone recommended Karabiner to me (which essentially allows you to remap the keys, only when in Remote Desktop - read more here: http://superuser.com/questions/263647/how-would-i-remap-mac-cmd-to-ctrl-keys-in-remote-desktop-connection-for-mac-appl) however unfortunately it doesn’t work with Sierra.

Does anyone have any alternatives?


Not all packages are equal. You /may/ be getting a lower clock CPU on the cheaper option. And on the more expensive option, there’s server 2016 which you may not get on others. Best thing is to ask the provider some pre-sales questions first.

Agreed. So for once I’ve upgraded to 4.5 everything is running great