Switching to manual Instagram marketing

Hi friends,

I am a business owner in the Instagram automation industry, providing services such as Storyviews and Follow/Unfollow. However, due to recent regulations on the platform, I have faced many challenges and have decided to switch to manual marketing. Previously, I had 300 clients (influencers and artists) but now, I only have 80 clients who are all businesses.

I would like to ask for some advice from the community regarding this transition. Is it smart to start a full manual business and what should be the pricing for such services? I used to charge 500 per account per month for automation services, but now I ask for 1500 per month for manual services. However, I have noticed that some businesses think this is too expensive for their marketing budget.

I would really appreciate any tips or suggestions on how to make this transition and how to price my services effectively. Is it smart to invest in this to make it successful? I am planning to do it big (so a lot of investments etc.)

Thank you in advance!


Manual is hard as people will pay the same as automation as everyone says that everything is manual anyway.

So uppping you price by saying its manual doesn’t stop automation userd from charging them liw prices and saying its manual. Most manual services are not manual.

So you may lose a lot of clients if you increase prices by that much whicle keeping growth the same. Also it would cost a lot to run manually.

You could outsource to a mother child provider. The profits will be slightly smaller. But you won’t have any headaches etc.

Check out my profile. I have my services on that.

Hi, thanks for your response, can you please pm me your prices? I’m interested to test.
let me know!


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Dmd you man! Also see my thread for info.

Hello brother, where are you?

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