Taggatory hashtag tool

my fav IG hashtag tool its not working since yesterday
what alternative you guys use ?

would love something similare with posts counts & average like

Give them some time to fix :slight_smile:

no updates even metahashtags.com that i discovred lately just died right after

im looking for something free with average likes and post count

Good tool mate. But noticed few random bugs

BTW MetaHashtags.com is now available again

IMO, the best paid hashtag tools are Hashtastic.eu & Flick.tech

Flick is unique since it goes through the official API. It also gives you insights on what number post you rank inside the hashtag which gives you actual feedback which tags are working. It is an upsell though.

Seems to be a good tool but at the same time I think the hashtags that are selected are really huge…don’t know if they are the best choice…

Sure. I too observed that it sometimes tends to give more of high vol hashtags