Take a look about TCP/IP Fingerprint when use proxy

We should know that the target site can detect our OS information when requesting it by TCP/IP Fingerprint, it mens if you request IG from a windows PC, IG can also know you are requesting is from a windows PC.
You can try to access https://browserleaks.com/ip in your pc or phone. It shows me the OS info is “Linux 2.2.x-3.x” when I access it from my android phone, everyone knows that android is based on linux, so it’s correct.
But I noticed there are some people use 4g proxy but with PC user-agent, so I think it’s not safe, the user-agent and os info should be match, actully it’s easy to change user-agent, so please take care about it!


So you think you can’t use mobile internet on a desktop computer or laptop?


I mean we should use phone user-agent in our script in that case, it should more safe.

Interesting, but many people use tethering for connecting their laptops (and every day more with the unlimited data plans), so I guess its not a big deal. Anyway thanks for sharing interesting stuff.

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IT`s NOT TCP/IP, its your browser which send data over http/https to inform server, you can easily change it

in firefox there is addon “agent changer” you can change YOUR windows desktop to 1100 nokia broswer if you want…

:), I think you even don’t know what’s is tcp fingerprint, no problem, google it.