Take Your YouTube Channel to the Next Level: Boost Growth with SU Social

Over the previous months, we have presented several instructional manuals on establishing and streamlining accounts on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Reddit. However, we realized that we haven’t given much attention to automating activities on YouTube. Therefore, we believe it’s time to provide you with a straightforward guide to initiate your own YouTube automation endeavor using the new most talked about automation platform called SU Social.

If your goal is to increase viewership for your primary YouTube account(s) or promote your services and/or products on YouTube, this article will undoubtedly assist you in getting started. Continue reading to gain further insights.

What is YouTube Automation?

When it comes to YouTube, automation involves using software tools, scripts, or algorithms to handle different tasks and processes automatically. These tools are created to take care of repetitive or time-consuming tasks on behalf of creators and channel owners, enabling them to save time and make their work more efficient.

Performing YouTube Automation via SU Social

SU Social is a tool that enables you to effortlessly manage all your social media accounts in one place. With SU Social, executing your marketing campaigns becomes effortless, allowing you to allocate more time to other important aspects of your business. Its user-friendly interface and advanced functionalities simplify social media account management, enabling you to work smartly and efficiently.

Getting Started

After signing up here: https://susocial.com/, you will be given a 5-day free trial to try the tool without money commitment.

Su Social will send you your login credentials through the email address you used to register on the site.

Step 1: Sign up on YouTube via Gmail accounts.

  1. Buy gmail accounts from trusted suppliers.
  2. Prepare a Google sheet where you can organize your accounts.
  3. Connect your account to SU Social.

Step 2: Do not forget to connect the account to the proxy.

Step 3: Open the embedded browser to register your account.

Check the “use mobile version” option as this works better as per the automation experts have experienced.


Follow Tool

“Follow users/channels by keyword search”

If you’re uncertain about which users to follow but have specific niche(s) in mind, don’t forget to utilize the “extract now” feature after entering the relevant keyword(s). This action will extract channels associated with each keyword you’ve added and send them to the Extracted Users section for your convenience.

“Source – Users/Channels by videos keyword search”

SU Social employs the “Video” filter to search for channels that align with your chosen keywords. This feature proves to be highly beneficial when you wish to subscribe to channels that consistently upload videos related to specific keywords. By doing so, you can stay connected with channels that regularly produce diverse content in line with your interests.

“Follow users/channels from a provided list”

If you have a list of people or channels that you wish to follow, you can easily add them to this source. Just remember to ensure that each URL is placed on a separate line when adding multiple URLs.

“Follow user channels from custom URL”

If you’re interested in subscribing to the channels that your target individuals or channels follow, you can utilize this source. SU Social will visit the Channel tab of the specified user or channel and automatically subscribe to those channels on your behalf.

“Follow people that comment on Specified Videos”

To subscribe to users who comment on specific videos, make use of this source. Simply enter the required and valid URLs, and once you have finished, click “ADD TO VIDEOS LIST.” This action will update the Index table below, displaying all the added URLs for your reference.

Unfollow Tool

Take advantage of the whitelist feature when you have specific channels or users that you wish to continue following. By utilizing this feature, you can ensure that these channels or users remain in your list of followed accounts, providing you with continued access to their content.

Like Tool

Automating likes on YouTube is a helpful way to show support, save time, and engage with the content that resonates with us. By automatically liking relevant videos, we can boost their popularity, foster connections with creators we enjoy, and even enhance our own YouTube experience through personalized recommendations.

Comment Tool

Automating comments on YouTube using the comment tool is a fantastic way to save time while actively participating in conversations with content creators and fellow viewers. By leaving genuine and relevant comments automatically, we can spark discussions, show support, and build connections within the vibrant YouTube community. It’s exciting to witness increased visibility for our own channel or brand as thoughtful comments capture the attention of others.

When utilizing the automated commenting feature, it is advisable to utilize “spin text.” This approach helps prevent flagging by providing you with different variations of comments, rather than simply copying and pasting the same words repeatedly.

Always remember to click “check spin syntax” to ensure that your comments are valid. Additionally, use “spin text” to confirm if you have successfully inputted various versions of comments in the message box.

Here is the format for inputting multiple comments: (The more versions you have, the better.)


Please note that you can optimize the comment tool further by utilizing the filters below: Upload date, Duration, Type, and Sort by.

Like/Reply Comments Tool

Automating likes or replies to comments on YouTube offers convenience and efficiency by saving time and streamlining interactions with viewers. It allows users to show appreciation, acknowledge engagement, and manage large volumes of comments more effectively.

Full Browser Experience Tool

According to SU Social’s own statement, The Full Browser Experience was initially developed for Facebook but has been extended to other social networks to enhance the authenticity of user accounts.

Here’s what the tool does:

Essentially, the tool visits websites from a specific list provided by you. If these websites contain a Facebook pixel, your account’s visit to those websites will be included in their list of visitors within Facebook Ads’ custom audience. This enables advertisers to retarget your account using Facebook Ads.

Alternatively, if the websites have any of Facebook’s Social Plugins and your account visits one of these websites, the visit is tracked and added to your dart cookie.

Users of SU Social have reported that this approach has helped reduce the ban rate for their Facebook accounts, as the accounts appear more natural. In the past, this process had to be done manually by opening the embedded browser and visiting different websites.

Watch Videos Tool

This feature is incredibly valuable, particularly if you intend to create multiple YouTube accounts for the purpose of watching videos uploaded by your main account(s). By doing so, you can generate more views from unique IP addresses, ultimately enhancing your ranking. This strategy significantly improves your chances of driving additional traffic to your channel, ultimately expanding your viewership.

Note: This guide is specifically aimed at beginners. If you have expertise in advanced techniques and strategies for optimizing YouTube automation, we encourage you to share your insights by leaving a comment below.

We appreciate and welcome all ideas! Let’s engage in a productive discussion. Cheers! :tada: