Taking a page from 100k to 1 million

Hey everyone, I probably don’t really fit the mold of a lot of folks in here.

I am friends with a model who has a legitimately large following. Her socials are about ~100k IG, 100k tiktok, ~700k facebook, and about 25k between smaller other pages that she administrates. She’s been around for a while, but has pretty consistent content.

Try as she might, she can’t seem to break through the 100k barrier on IG. I’ve read around a bit on here, and have seen some strategies, but she’s resistant to using Jarvee and automated tools to boost her following – can someone give some actual advice on how to build an IG up past this point?

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Child accounts

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She can use her own giveaways in order to boost her audience with a simple “tag a friend” to-do.

Instagram story ads - vlog style video and get them hooked

Shoutout for shoutout - Since shes 100K, she can easily gain SFS services with 20,30K accounts and grab their audience.

M/S - She doesnt need to be on J, just manage as much slaves as you can. More slaves = more growth

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Child accounts is the way to go, can grow 100s or even 1000s per day, depending on her goals and budget :wink:


automation is also a good idea if you knew exactly what you are doing + slave accounts.

I see this account pop up in my IG Feed a lot : https://www.instagram.com/country.darlings/

They feature a new “model” every day and link back to her page. Maybe you can find a group of them that are similar and they will do the same for her. It would be natural and no risk to her accounts.

Best of luck ! @Sarevok_nyne

Network with other models who are looking to boost their follower base to shout each other out. If she’s afraid of involving herself with automation, that’s the next best thing.

Good method, I see it happen all the time. Reminds me that I need to get cracking on this for my personal photographer page.

I’d say shoutout for shoutout and starting to build a brand.

Maybe something like an own hashtag and then she tags people in her story that use her hashtag

I’m liking the replies so far – but would love to get some more ideas in here – or if there’s any discussions on the best ways to do giveaways and stuff – that would be sick!

You need to make organic growth hit explore page. Make sure that she regularly post on FB. Try outreach to other influencers and connect with them maybe exchange likes, comments, and maybe once each month or two try to get featured blog posts about her in relevant niche websites to build her name and brand. So, the more big accounts are interacting with her its better. I think at this point you need 500-1k daily new followers to see some results fast and not to wait 5 years… automation I think can’t help you much, it could kill your engagement and slave accs are just too expensive that some experienced person manage it all for you. If you really have budget you can go with MS method and combine everything else together

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