Taking on instagram clients. How to reduce the risk of suspension / ban?

Hey guys,

I’m about to take on a few instagram clients that I will be using MP for.

I am experienced with using MP to grow my own accounts, however I have never used it for clients.

My biggest concern is as I will be using dedicated proxies for each, what is the best way for me to avoid an instagram ban. I am concerned that if I start using a proxy (outside of clients usual location) I may get a ban? Is there any way for me to reduce the risk of instagram suspending my clients account?

Also, is it safe for my client to continue using instagram to post photos, reply to comments while I also run the account via MP to follow / unfollow etc?


I would run it during the AM hours. And ofcourse for me I would run it for maybe 4-6 hrs. Also do the postings around that time.

IP Addresses might be Geo Located so if you can pick a proxy nearby that would be the best.

However it begs the question that if you have a IG business account if you can have multiple people administering it all around the world.


It’s fine to run the account on a proxy from another location, when you get asked to phone verify the account make sure to ask the client to do it and don’t do it using your proxy.

It’s not a good idea to do actions from both devices at the same time, you can ask the client of the times where he wants to use his account and set Mass Planner to go in night mode on those specific hours.

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What if residential IP proxies or backconnects were used?

He’s a client running a business he shouldn’t be misusing his own IP, on the other hand if you are talking about yours with a lot of accounts, see if there’s a way your Internet provider can switch you into a dynamic IP instead of a static one.

Actually I was referring to a proxy provider that supplies residential IP’s

Im running 2 businesses accounts right now along with my own accounts, and yeah at first it feels so sketchy to start botting their account but its all good. Just make sure that they are aware your not responsible if It gets banned. I have extras just in case one of my clients gets banned to convert too

You also dont need to run it on insane mode like most people do here.

Im sure most clients would be happy with 20-50 new followers per day. Most take years just to get 1k. Seriously!!


My accounts only manage to get 50-100 targeted followers per day on my extreme settings! :stuck_out_tongue:

you need better targeting then and probably also better content, it can depend on niches though, but you could get better than that.

Is 100 good enough if your not posting every-day and more like 1x every 3-5 days?

I got 550 Followers in the last 7 days, over 1100 in 1 months time. Counting a 1 day rest.

22% Engagement (Average).


Post at least 2 times a day, then you will see real engagement.

yes, as @hvp17 says, try to post more often, use a lot of highly targeted hashtags and see if that changes anything :wink:

What is MP and how do you use it to grow accounts? Is it like Jarvee?

Was the old version of what’s now called Jarvee. MP is defunct since a few years now if I’m not wrong.