Target sources / warm up settings

Hi guys, I have two questions.

How are we all finding our sources? Instagram has now hidden likes so it’s very hard to see who’s engaging and who’s not.

And for warming up, I am planning on following 2 people the first week, 4 the second and continuing hntil I reach a good amount. Example: 1 week is 10, 2 is 20 and so on. Do you think this is to slow?

Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

Hey friend, have a read around the forum and use the search bar. All of your questions for starting are definitely answered. To add, I think those settings are too slow but have a read for yourself.

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I have no idea with your first question because hidden likes they just test for some countries.
If they complete it, Jarvee will have a update :smiley:

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