🚀 Targeted Mother/Slave Strategy for YouTube Growth [ FREE TRIAL ] - Up to 3,150 Subscribers Per Month

YouTube Mother/Slave Growth
Engaged Subscribers | Comments | Likes | Views Reach | Impressions | Watch Time

No more ads, no more keyword research, and no more waiting. It’s your time to get real, engaging, and targeted subscribers.

How Does It Work?
I will create X YouTube Accounts also called “SLAVE ACCOUNTS” that will generate traffic to your YouTube Channel also called your “MOTHER ACCOUNT”. The slave accounts will generate traffic by posting hundreds of comments on different YouTube videos that all promote your YouTube Channel.

Why this over any other YouTube growth method?
The Mother/Slave method allows thousands of content creators in your niche to see your videos. Because of this you are getting engaged subscribers that will comment and like your videos.

Is it safe?
Yes! Since I am not automating your main YouTube channel you have nothing to worry about. Also, each YouTube comment is unique to make it as human as possible.

Are your subscribers real?
Yes! The subscribers that interact with your content are real YouTube channels that also upload videos.

How often should I upload?
To maximize your growth I recommend that you upload at least twice a month.

Will you accept all accounts?
No, I am only accepting content creators that I feel the service would work well for.

Can I see example accounts?
No, I keep all of my client accounts confidential.

How long will it take to see results?
Only 7-10 days!

Refund Policy
All orders are considered final unless I am unable to fulfill your request with minimum commitments for subscribers and views. If this happens, then your next month’s payment will be paused until I can fulfill the request for the ongoing month. There are no refunds for the first month since I have to setup and warm-up your slave accounts for 7-10 days.

Do you offer a trial?
Yes! For a limited time I will offer a 24hr trial. Since I have a limited number of slave accounts for 24hr trials there will be a waitlist. If you are interested in a trial, post “Growth hack my channel!” on the thread and send me a DM.

Email: growthbybigj@gmail.com
Skype: live:growthbybigj@gmail.com
or Post a question below


Thread approved, good luck with the sales!

Growth hack my channel!

Check DM please :blush:

I have worked with Jordan for more than 2 months and let me tell you that the results are insane, there’s nothing you can see in another place. My account was fairly new and I have uploaded like 2-3 posts per month but I will post more frequently since the boost is amazing. The subscribers are real and they are engaging a lot considering how lazy I am to upload videos.

If you have a Youtube account, this is your service to grow it insanely fast!


Growth hack my Channel!

Its great to see your results. My concern is (I used to do this, but with commenting direct from my main channel to other channels). I gained about 10,000+ subs over about 2 years. With this method, you are gaining people who are also content creators, so the down side is they are less active on your page (even if they do subscribe) because they may be off making content, where as large creators have viewers who are not content creators at all.

However I do believe at scale this is something that can be very effective, I was still getting decent numbers/views/comments on certain videos. This method just has to rely on people who HAVE to have posted before on YouTube.

Thanks for the review! This method works best for small content creators that just need a little push.

The great thing about this method is that your main channel doesn’t need to do anything! In addition, automating your main channel can cause it to be shadow banned.

It’s all about targeting. Also, over time your videos can actually be seen in “Suggested Videos” because of the organic traffic you are receiving.

Yup! I’m not accepting everyone. I am only accepting content creators that have amazing content. These creators will benefit from the method the most.

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Very good points. You mention-

I noticed that views and impressions are also in the commitments, along with the subs per month. Is that the case? I dont see how you can guarantee those, where as subs are more clear cut.

Also, if getting several thousands of impressions wouldnt those translate into views (if you have a channel trailer)? Or have you seen them not count as views from your tests?

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You are correct, I will be looking at subscribers and views for the minimum commitment because they are clear cut - I will be referencing Social Blade. Impressions are just the cherry on top. Impressions turn into views, but views are not impressions.

I look at impressions from screenshots in the clients Creator Studio analytics.

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Appreciate this review! Great work.

You got it! :blush:

Growth hack my channel

Growth hack my channel

Just wanted to give my thoughts on this. The solution to this problem is the same as with Instagram or any other platform- engage with subscribers, either on YouTube or off of YouTube (direct subscribers to your Twitter profile, for example).

I think this is a cool service that @BigJ is offering and I’m sure it will benefit many people. Just remember that purchasing this service doesn’t mean you can throw YouTube marketing best practices out the window- you still need to create good content, optimize your videos properly, use good video thumbnails, etc.


Check PM please :blush:

Check PM please :blush:

Thank you for your thoughts! I 100% agree with this. This is why I am not accepting everyone. The minimum requirement is to have at least 5 videos on your YouTube channel and you must have good content. You will be getting a ton of impressions from this method and if do not create good content then the impressions will not convert to views/subscribers.

Growth hack my channel

Growth hack my channel

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