Telegram Auto Invite and User Scraper


I’m looking for a user scraper for Telegram and auto invite tool and was wondering if there are any recommendations from this forum users? Are these tools free or not?

The idea is to scrape users from other Instagram Engagement Groups on Telegram and then auto invite them to my own. I have seen groups with thousands of users popping out in a very short time.

If someone does that manually, what are the best ways to go around daily invite limits?

I’m grateful for all recommendations.


I’d also like to see some information on this. Thanks for the request!


Have you checked Github?

2 second search comes up with tools like: :slight_smile:

Dno if it works but worth checking :wink:

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I built my negagement groups with this method ,I have a scarper and software that add members


Can you inbox me about this?

Could you PM me to where you got your software please? I’m currently using a python method that bans my phone numbers fairly quickly each time.

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Would love to check it out

Does anyone have a leech bot for Telegram

Which tool are you using?

I don’t have one, but using The Leeching Bot which in it’s basic version is free.

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I’m also interested in this.

Can you please explain it a little more or link the source?


Thanks for the link. I have seen this one and quite a few others too, but looking for someone who can weight in a little about methods of growing Telegram too as I’m a complete newbie :slight_smile:

I thought to ask the community first as there might be quite a few experts in here already who can pointed the best solutions. :slight_smile:

i found many many services, anyone can recommend some good ones?

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Can you PM me also pls?

Can you please let me know the tools you use for TG

usually the hundreds and thousands come from bigger groups when an telegram account is created and shared not when someone adds you usually adding them does not count as organic and does not deliver good traffic you should find communites online and share your group

would love to know tha name of it! :smiley: thanks

Hi there!
I’m also interested if you’re able to share the info!

there is
but it just works with groups, not with channels

I have a private one