Telegram Mass DM Service: Grow Your Channel & Promote Your Offers


1) What is our offer?

We send messages from our Telegram accounts to your potential clients. The message will contain an incentive, call to action and an URL to your channel.

2) Why this service?

Telegram is the place for Promoting projects like Crypto. A lot of people are building Telegram channels and selling/renting them or promoting their offer.

3) How does it work?

After payment, you will need to give those info:

  1. Your target audience (channels, groups)
  2. The message to be sent. It should contain a strong incentive and a clear call to action
  3. URL to your channel

4) What happen next?

After less than 24h, we will scrape your sources and get everything ready.
Before start sending we will send you a screenshot of the message to be sent to do a final check and confirm it
Mass Sending will start and it will take few hours

5) Price

Minimum order is 1K DMs. The price 50$ per 1K .

6) Discounts

For larger orders (>10K) we offer discounts. Feel free to contact us by DM

7) Payment Methods

BTC, Paypal or Credit Card.

8) Refund policy

No refund is possible unless if we are not able to send the DMs. It might happen only in case of an Telegram update ongoing.

9) FAQs

  • How can I place an order?

Contact us here by DM

  • Is there a limit to the number of DMs sent?

We can send up to 300K DMs per day. Since we have a lot of orders please tell us in advance.


The sales thread is approved. Good luck with your sales!

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Accepting orders!!

Why don’t you approach several FB groups related to TG.

You will surely get buyers there and once with vouches there, even more buyers therefrom.

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Accepting orders!!

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Accepting orders!!

Accepting orders!!