Telegram monetizing/ automating

I think there is a lot of potential with telegram the platform is still not oversaturated than other platforms says IG youtube etc. is anyone here monetizing a telegram group or automating a telegram if so how?

im automating posting of content and monetizing with links in buttons, seems to work pretty well although i am struggling to find ways to grow it organically. still a work in progress.

I dont but i would venture a guess that it can be treated similarly as a notification system for a business-to-customer relationship (newsletter, or direct updates or even live-gambling or something). Can be a nice add-on for extra point of contact for a business as well.

could you expand more on this?

so you just find a bot or get one made by a freelancer to upload content from a server and add link buttons to each post. you can send them where you like, affiliate offers, other socials etc…

i find its best to make channels personally to keep your network clean. there are a lot of people trying to share dodgy material that could get you flagged.

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