📞 Instagram "Polling" in Stories 📱


Since snapchat rolled out it’s popular “polling” option, of course Facebook and Instagram followed suit. Less than 24 hours ago they introduced the ability to add a poll in Instagram stories. The default answers are “yes” and “no”, however you can change that to whatever you like.

Do you think this is a game changer for Instagram and one more nail in Snapchats coffin? Perhaps the guys at Snapchat should have sold to Zuck when they had the chance!

Is this a game changer or just them beating their competitors at their own game?


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I guess this can be useful for people running real profiles, but for those who are spamming IG, there’s no really a big use of it.


Maybe not…depends how loyal Snapchat users are … :smiley: we’ll just have to wait and see.


I think its a pretty big way to get more interaction out of your fanbase. Using stories already helps a lot, and being able to poll something like
Do you like this X ? "Yes / No"
Tell us in the comments why not?

I see it as a pretty big expanded oportunity of creating engagement


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Hope we will able to repost these kind of polls in instagram…


I wish there was a way to make use of it using automatic posting