Tell me how they do it and i work 24/7!

It’s just a random example and i’ve seen guy make 2k$ daily … i wonder what are they in :smiley:
Share intresting techniques besides SM , reddit and all that ? :wink:


Most useless topic so far on MP forum.
there should be an award systems for this,could be fun.

it is free for all but thank you mr flowerguy you can send me cookies

There’s people on OGAds making thousand of dollars a day. I don’t know how they do it but my best guess would be that either they are doing PPC or they scaled a method heavily. They could be having thousands of Instagram accounts but I doubt that.


yes that’s what i mean ofc it would be naive to think that sm is everything nowadays , but it kind of makes me intrested what methods ppl use to scale the F out of these simple offers O.o…and moreover get great CR’s , might be search traffic ? like bing n shit huh

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I know some1 who is doing only SEO on OGAds but he’s “only” making a couple hundred bucks a day.

Yeah, nice view indeed :slight_smile:

However, it doesn’t necessarily means it’s all profit. Maybe they’re using paid traffic.

I know CPAElites owner had success with CPA and FB Ads, but he had to spend small fortune on ads.


@Adnan Yea , i dont believe its pure profit but its never pure profit lol ;D
My further goals are bit in to fb ads , they allways looked really promising to me but i know it requires boat of time and money to really get things running but im sure if u catch that golden fish its the bank

They can do one, two or all of the fallowing :

  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter tweets/Facebook posting/Instagram
  • Big Facebook/Instagram Pages/Profiles
  • Threating people to click on the links
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You know WHO ultimately makes the most money? The cpa networks and the owners of the offers. All affiliates make peanuts according to the other side.


Some send paid traffic, revenue != profit.

I see you are on a spam streak @HenryCooper. let us all know when you are done.

I know how. :slight_smile:

I agree, make your own product and rake in ALL the profits!

Thats obvious , how can owner make less then people who work for him.
JUST INTRESTING FACT.arround 95% of worlds money belongs to business owners and so on and only arround 5% belongs to workers.


Or they spam :sob:
Like the new Tumblr tool ( seen on BHW ) add 500 accs to spam heavely you get lot of clicks.
But you must add each day 500 new accs.

Expensive hobby;)

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Did this with youtube when I was 14 :joy_cat: 12k dollars made off of 4k spent. Just started with spending 25 dollars @ Vagex. com but its long been a killed off method on youtube. They penalize accounts now for this :smiley: was fun while it lasted :smiley: I was the only dude making money online at my school and spent it all on useless shit LMAO


lol :smiley: i could use 12k now damn :smiley:
Either way it was easy back in the day and now well … you have to work your ass off but it’s not impossible clearly.

Dont think it was over night. It took me like 6 months to work out that when i put in 30 bucks i get 90 back. Doing this I bumped up to what i put in and i put in 200 dollars into buying views and I’d been able to get 1500 back some months. Just depended on the quality of ad watches. Still dont get youtube anyways…

None of this was over night. (3 months to get a partnership, was a kid so i did call of duty videos XD. Then it took 6 months to figure out how to make myself famous, Saw google adsense. Applied and then started watching my fake views bring me 3x.)
It sucked when they banned my account. Was like “This is the end of the fucking world”